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Stamattina ho ricevuto una mail da AvokTv, i quali mi chiedevano se volevo aderire a una partnership di youtube. Dicono che loro sono nuovi e sono sotto a youtube però bo, la cosa non mi convince anche perchè cercando su internet non trovo quasi nulla. Qualcuno conosce questa fantomatica azienda (non saprei come definirli) Grazieeee.
Qui sotto vi lascio la mail che ho ricevuto. Magari ci capite qualcosa di piu.

Hello, You've got a very nice channel and we love what you are doing with it. Because you are focused on Entertainment videos (just like us) we 'd like to invite you to apply for a partnership with our fast growing Youtube network.
When you are partnered with AvokTV (that's us!) you will earn more money than you do with just AdSense. The CPM (=dollars per 1000 views) is between 3 and 10 dollars, depending on the type of advertisement. Our CPM is not set in stone, but flexible. You will receive all of the benefits: A YouTube banner, Custom Thumbnails, Revenue, Livestreaming, Support, and a great community to interact with.
More information about why partnering with AvokTV is a good idea can be found on our website: www.avoktv.com
And you can apply on that same website by filling out this form www.avoktv.com/partner.html
Feel free to add me on skype. My ID is "mattsawka" (no quotations)
Thank you for your time,

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